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Author:  swaldman [ Wed Jun 23, 2010 2:05 am ]
Post subject:  Suggestions / wishlist

Good morning,

I've been evaluating the betas of both Toodler and Done!, waiting for one of them to have all the features that I need before I buy. I have to say that Toodler is much closer at present :-) - but the place that Done wins out is on sync.
So, here's my wishlist - some of which you may already be planning, and some of which you might not be interested in implementing.

- Sync on exit: If I open Toodler, change something in a task, and then exit again, that change will not be synced until I *next* open the program. Would it be possible to have a "sync on exit" option? Done implements this as a dashboard stage, which I find quite a neat way of allowing the app to visually "close" while still getting on with this - but you may have a better idea.

- Sync when not running: Syncing on load is fine when one has a data connection, but it's a problem otherwise. It would be useful if Toodler could be configured to sync at a configurable interval (e.g. every hour, every 6 hours, whatever) even when it is not running. I imagine that this should be possible with WebOS alarms somehow? This would mean that if I opened Toodler when I didn't have coverage (e.g. on an underground train), there would be a good chance that it would already be up to date.

Those are the two major RFEs. The last is a "nice to have".

- Sort by importance : I like the Toodledo website's sorting "by importance", where it works out a sort of meta-priority for tasks based on their priority and their due date. I think that this is something that is done on the fly by the website rather than being stored in their database, but I wonder if it's something that could be replicated in Toodler?

Thank you for considering these suggestions.

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